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An Introduction to Excel for Civil Engineers

Authors: Gunthar Pangaribuan
Size: 22 Mb, 387 Pages.

It’s a Excel basics book that every civil engineer should have read by now. It addresses skills that may not be covered in most Excel for civil engineering texts, such as step by step guides to create an application program and how to convert the steps into VBA code, how to perform matrix operations (multiplication and inversion) using Excel-VBA, macro for creating an engineering chart, a brief and simple guide to become an instant Excel-VBA programmer, and more… Also to be presented the depiction in AutoCAD program. Yes! AutoCAD is chosen because one of its advantages that relies on high drawing accuracy. You will learn how to create a simple AutoCAD script file using Excel formulas and Excel-VBA. It is expected that you will be able to create simple Cartesian graph in AutoCAD, even you are an AutoCAD first time user! With the ease of working with Excel, coupled with benefit of the given examples in this book, it is expected to increase the interest of the reader to create new original application programs. Thus, each model or even a specific calculation will be an exciting challenge for a programming job is already enjoyable. Happy Excel programming!


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