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Project Quantity Surveyor and Cost Controller



Project Quantity Surveyor and Cost Controller

Location: Algeria (Onshore)

City: Arzew & Ouargla

Residence: Algeria

Contract Type: Contract
Salary/Day Rate: Negotiable
Minimum Experience: 4 Years+

Starts: 2020-07-15 Duration: 12 months

Job Description

Role: Project Quantity Surveyor/Cost Controller is responsible for overseeing Project cost and quantities, managing risk, working out and controlling costs and quantities, and assisting with all measurement and assessment of Project costs and quantities to produce a construction budget and bill of quantities understanding that meets AP value system.

Job Description & Responsibilities
• Ensures that AP HSE Management System is followed by all Site and Contractor Personnel.
• Participate and support in all HSE procedures and initiatives.
• Ensuring the execution strategy in relation to quantity and cost is clearly defined and communicated to the contractors and implemented.
• Ensuring relevant contractor construction information is reviewed, commented on, and approved in a timeous manner.
• Ensuring Progress, Performance and change order meetings are conducted and recorded as required (internal/external).
• Provide weekly updates against Contractor claims for achievement for inclusion within Construction Management Weekly Report.
• General Commercial and Contract Management of the Project supporting the Construction Superintendent as required on all matters pertaining to Contract Cost or Quantity.
• Maintain and Manage ongoing Bill of Quantities tracking changes on a monthly basis in order to review monthly Contractor Progress Claims.
• Management of Cost and Change Orders including gathering, assessing and compiling appropriate records.
• Ensure that all necessary records are maintained on the Project to support claims and counter claims.
• Liaise with Planning and QA/QC functions to ensure proper compliance with cost control processes both in quality and timeliness.
• Monitor actual costs incurred for all monthly Contractor Progress Claims
• Contributes to the elaboration of the budgets and financial forecasts of the department/activity as requested by Construction Management.
• Ensure creation and integrity to the WBS and Cost Centre structure Control account assignment.

Essential Experience and Skills
• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in Quantity Surveying / Cost Control or Civil / Architecture / M & E Engineering or related field.
• 5 – 10 years of relevant working experience pre and post contract in Quantity Surveying and/or cost management consultancy environment.
• Experience in Claim Payments.
• Good Stakeholder management skills.
• Team Player
• Strong communicator written and oral English/French
• Strong and effective negotiator.
• Organised, disciplined, able to perform under pressure and manage multiple priorities and parallel tasks
• Strong Microsoft software skills, particularly Excel and PowerPoint
• Good presentation skills and strong report writing skills
• Experience of working on construction sites in Middle East / Algeria
• Experience of managing construction on behalf of the client rather than through an EPC
• Ability to work in a multifaceted / multinational organizational matrix with a variety of working relationships
• Results oriented. Must be able to understand impact of decisions/changes on Project risks and overall Project success

Day rate will be paid in DZD

APPLY (Arzew)

APPLY (Ouargla)

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La construction d’une maison est l’aboutissement d’un rêve, le fruit du travail acharné et de la vision d’un propriétaire qui souhaite bâtir son chez-soi. C’est un processus complexe qui nécessite l’intervention d’un constructeur expérimenté pour mener à bien chaque étape.
Lorsque vous décidez de construire votre propre maison, il est essentiel de choisir un constructeur compétent et fiable. Un bon constructeur possède une expertise solide dans tous les aspects de la construction, depuis la charpente jusqu’à la maçonnerie en passant par le gros œuvre.
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Dans le domaine spécifique de la construction métallique, il faut faire appel à des experts capables non seulement d’élever une structure solide mais aussi artistiquement élégante. La combinaison entre fonctionnalité technique et beauté architecturale fait toute la différence lorsqu’il s’agit de concevoir des édifices modernes. Faire construire sa propre maison demande patience, persévérance et passion pour atteindre cet objectif ultime : créer un foyer unique qui reflète notre personnalité.