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Author(s): Arnold Verruijt
Size: 7.4 Mb, 427 Pages.


“This book gives the material for a course on Soil Dynamics, as given for about 10 years at the Delft University of Technology for students of civil engineering, and updated continuously since 1994.

The book presents the basic principles of elastodynamics and the major solutions of problems of interest for geotechnical engineering. For most problems the full analytical derivation of the solution is given, mainly using integral transform methods. These methods are presented briefly in an Appendix. The elastostatic solutions of many problems are also given, as an introduction to the elastodynamic solutions, and as possible limiting states of the corresponding dynamic problems. For a number of problems of elastodynamics of a half space exact solutions are given, in closed form, using methods developed by Pekeris and De Hoop. Some of these basic solutions are derived in full detail, to assist in understanding the beautiful techniques used in deriving them. For many problems the main functions for a computer program to produce numerical data and graphs are given, in C. Some approximations in which the horizontal displacements are disregarded, an approximation suggested by Westergaard and Barends, are also given, because they are much easier to derive, may give a first insight in the response of a foundation, and may be a stepping stone to solving the more difficult complete elastodynamic problems”


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