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Writing and Publishing Science Research Papers in English A Global Perspective

Authors: Karen Englander
Size: 2.4 Mb, 91 Pages.


This book provides a comprehensive review of the current knowledge on writing and publishing scientific research papers and the social contexts. It deals with both English and non-Anglophone science writers, and presents a global perspective and an international focus. The book collects and synthesizes research from a range of disciplines, including applied linguistics, the sociology of science, sociolinguistics, bibliometrics, composition studies, and science education. This multidisciplinary approach helps the reader gain a solid understanding of the subject. Divided into three parts, the book considers the context of scientific papers, the text itself, and the people involved. It explains how the typical sections of scientific papers are structured. Standard English scientific writing style is also compared with science papers written in other languages. The book discusses the strengths and challenges faced by people with different degrees of science writing expertise and the role of journal editors and reviewers.



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